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    Business IT Solutions,
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    Your IT should not just
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Business IT Solutions Leicestershire & Northants

Not all IT companies are equal.  Many provide support but we don't believe that is enough.  Without strategy, cohesion and direction, your supported IT becomes stagnant.  Ask yourself now, is your IT provider taking this approach on your behalf?  

Real IT skillsets offset the burden of their clients strategy and plot out tailored paths to drive repeatable business growth for their entire customer portfolio.  Well tailored IT solutions can fuel business growth.  Poor solutions have the opposite effect.  Our mission is to fully understand and interpret the specific needs of your organization, by designing and creating solutions that fit your business. Each of our services can be scaled to meet your exact requirements, irrespective of size or complexity.  Our services will lower your operating costs, bring focus to your business processes and get creative with re-thinking how best to kick start your own IT revolution.  

It's time to get your geek on!

  From the start you won't find pushy sales staff, our customer base has been entirely generated by word of mouth referrals.  We don't employ any sales tactics or sales staff, we have never paid for advertising, we just consistently deliver great services efficiently and back everything up with customer care that is second to none.  We are practical, creative thinkers, with outstanding in-house technical ability taking a no-nonsense efficient approach to changing the way IT is done.  So that's us.  

Very pleased to e-meet you.


IT Support at work

We provide an array of professional services to many specialist and unique organisations across many business sectors.  Despite our business name, not every IT solution fits the cloud.  Some business sectors with highly sensitive data systems are not able to take the leap to cloud based solutions just yet.  Sectors heavily regulated such as Medical, Legal, Aerospace and Financial have strict compliance to adhere to.  We understand that some systems need to remain very much under the roof of the data owners.  Our first priority above anything else is network/data security and privacy, and we work with a handpicked selection of best of breed vendors that maintain consistent excellence in this field.


IT Support Hybrid

Some parts of some organisations may find that the turnkey solution that fits their business model is a hybrid of on-premise and cloud solution.  Typically IT services such as VoIP telephony and mail servers can all be migrated to the cloud lowering operating costs substantially.  Other parts of their business such as accounts functions and credit card processing needs to remain onsite due to compliance regulation under PCI/DSS.  This model is easily achievable and can still be implemented with perfect cohesion even if the underlying data may be many many miles apart.  This meticulous attention to project detail means we always have your best interests at heart.


IT Support in the Cloud

Finally there are some organisations that can operate fully in the cloud.  Some of these businesses start from sole traders who do not have the budget for their own file and mailservers, telephony systems and disaster recovery implementations and can simply rent what they need as they grow and expand.  The other end of the scale are nationwide brands that need the agility of not being tied so a single business location or may have many disparate staff functions or highly skilled workers in different countries and time zones around the globe.  Whatever the need, on premise, cloud or a mix of both, ensure you have an IT partner on your side that can really 'walk the walk'.


If you like being pleasantly surprised, you are going to love working with us.  We value our customers and we work incredibly hard, always with their best interests at heart.  We have developed systems and services that far exceed normal expectations for things such as server uptime, reliability levels and customer service.  We do not follow the main stream, which is why we only work with the finest hardware software vendors - not just the biggest one's whose logo you may recognise.  We work with vendors that have time and time again proved their excellence in their field, just as we do, vendors that we have direct dial numbers to the right people, in our own timezone if things go awry and need their input for a support issue - more accurately, vendors we trust to do right by us, right by you.  Very few meet this extraordinarily high bar, but the ones that do we are proud to work with.  Companies such as Kerio, Apple, AWS, all have astonishing support and our customer base love their solutions.  For others services not off the shelf we have our own in-house services for things such as cloud backup and cloud file servers.  Call us or fill in the contact form and see if we can help you gain the advantage over your competitors, with progressive IT systems that drive your business forward.


If your in need of a little help in your upcoming project, or your own IT department needs 2nd or 3rd line expertise on tap, or your just looking for a little extra help in managing your IT infrastructure and support, put us to the test.  We may just be exactly what you've been searching for.

You can call us on (0333) 666 1036, email us at inform@cloudintellect.co.uk  or just spend 30 seconds filling in the short form on the Contact page and this will land straight in the lap/mailbox of one of our technical team who will call you at his or her earliest opportunity.